Monday, August 30, 2010

OBIEE11g SampleApps

If you haven’t found them:

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cheryl aida said...

Hi mr John Minkjan, may i have your email. i have something to ask.

here is my email.

just say hello world to my email if you dont want appear you email here.


Anonymous said...

i followed the instruction to deploy, however i when i browse through the folder from page 9, i get the error message "There are no files at the current location which are selectable. Choose a parent folder from the location links above or enter a new path." On the top I have " Locate deployment to install and prepare for deployment
Select the file path that represents the application root directory, archive file, exploded archive directory, or application module descriptor that you want to install. You can also enter the path of the application directory or file in the Path field.

Note: Only valid file paths are displayed below. If you cannot find your deployment files, upload your file(s) and/or confirm that your application contains the required deployment descriptors. "

Is there any files that should be in the subfolder that i am missing. Any help appreciated.

Anonymous said...


Hope you are OK - we miss your blogs!

John Minkjan said...


Just very very very busy with non obiee stuff, thanks for the intrested.