Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My First Blog


Even I had to go with the flow and create my own blog.
Let me introduce myself...

My name is John Minkjan and I'm a senior BI consultant voor CIBER in the Netherlands.
I use this blog to store all the things I run into when using OBIEE. Mostly to use it as a reminder (how did we to that?). Feel free to send me any comments!


jyothi said...

Hello John,

My name is Jyothi. I was searching information for OBIEE and found out that this is one of the best site for OBIEE information for the poeple who are looking. Thank you very much. As I was new to the technology I am having some doubts on real time applications. Can you provide your mail id. I have samll request. Can you answer some of my questions?

John Minkjan said...

Drop me a line at John dot Minkjan at ciber dot nl

Anonymous said...

The best site for OBIEE information.I love it very much!
BI Beginner.

nidhi said...

can someone explain the entire concept of how logical table source fact and dimension are used in OBIEE

John Minkjan said...

Hi nidhi,

A good start are the OTN examples:

regards John

woodpecker said...

Hi John,

It is so nice to find so one a great place!