Monday, December 10, 2007

OBIEE referencing session variables in report title

After spending way to much time figering out the exact lingo, I decided to blog them for futher reference:
  • currentTime => @{system.currentTime}
  • system.productVersion => @{system.productVersion}
  • session.locale => @{session.locale} = en-gb
  • session.language => @{session.language} = en
  • rtl =>@{session.rtl} = false
  • session.loginTime => @{session.loginTime}
  • session.logoutTime =>@{session.logoutTime }
  • session.lastAccessTime =>@{session.lastAccessTime}
  • session.currentUser => @{} = administrator
  • user.homeDirectory => @{user.homeDirectory} = /users/administrator
  • => @{} = administrator
  • user.displayName => @{user.displayName} = administrator


Anonymous said...

Thanks - it can be a hassle to find it the Oracle documentation - and that sometimes is wrong.
Regards Jens Otto

Pavan Nagumalli said...

from the same link

in the page 46....i tried all options.
i also need those dashboard.currentPage = test page name
dashboard.xml = the dashboard XML

But these two are not working exactly.i was getting nothing.

please help me.i just want to get the unique thing of narrative report created under answers and dashboard section.
am preparing a custom application


John Minkjan said...


As far as I know these two are obsolute in the current OBIEE version. Try raising an SR with Oracle.



Anonymous said...

Hi, are there variable available with report information? I would like to show the path and filename of my reports in a textbox or the title.