Thursday, December 13, 2007

OBIEE Default security groups for BI Publisher

If you are using OBIEE and BI Publisher side by side using shared security model (XDO), you wil need to create some default users groups:

These groups are used by the XMLP server:

If you are working with multi user repository development remember to assign the groups at least to one project, or the group will be lost at check in.


Bruce said...

I use Active Directory for authentication in BI Server. I then use Presentation Services to grant (authorize) access to the Dashboards and Answers. I want to use Active Directory to authenticate BI Publisher users as well.

Because I use AD, I don't have any users in the BI Server. If I create the XMLP* groups, how do I assign users to these groups?

Adam said...

I also am the same as bruce. Users login via AD LDAP and the OBIEE Groups variable is assigned the XMLP* groups. However it does not seem like this is picked up.

AP said...

has anyone solved this issue, I also don't see the groups being picked up.

John Minkjan said...


I have no experience with AD security, so I can't help you there.