Wednesday, December 19, 2007

OBIEE Scale markers

According to the documentation you can set a scale marker based on a column value.

[quote]Options for these values include a static value, a variable, a value
sourced from a column included in the request, or one derived from a SQL
Advanced options enables you to dynamically set values based on
results of a
column, query, or presentation variable which is evaluated
while rendering the
chart as follows.[/quote]
It seems that if a query is very complex (5 union all and some dashboard prompts) you loose the column selector (undocumented feature?).
==>> After futher research I discovered that this feature seems to
be turned on or off based on the availble columntypes. If you make the column an aggragate (SUM,MIN,MAX etc) you can use it directly.... <<==

You can add the scale marker manually by first adding a static marker and then editing the XML directly by replacing the linePosition part:

(saw:linePosition>(saw:columnRef columnID="c59"/> (/saw:linePosition>

( Replace the ( with < )
where "c59" is the column you want to use as a scale marker.

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John Lilley said...

If you zoom in on a graph which has a scale marker, the scale marker is duplicated in the ledgend. Each time you zoom in you get another one. Perhaps it's to let you know how many times you have zoomed in?