Wednesday, December 19, 2007

OBIEE Duration between events

OBIEE doesn't have a default GANTT type chart type.

For a customer I developed a simple and crude alternative.
First I get the LAG column and a Dummy column which calculates the total duration in the selection so far:

Then a select a vertical bar graph in which I give the dummy column the same colour as the background:

I know it's crude, but it works, but any better suggestions are welcome.


Rory said...

Did you try to order the rows in any particular way? we are trying a similar solution, but can't make the first task be the top row.

Anonymous said...

What does %1 mean? I am trying to use Partition By clause in the LAG function but cannot seem to find a way to enter the column (object name). My current LAG code is

EVALUATE('LAG(%1,1) OVER (ORDER BY %1)', "Product Measures".MRC)

How do I add Partition By to it?
I want:
EVALUATE('LAG(%1,1) OVER (PARTION BY ????? ORDER BY %1)', "Product Measures".MRC)

In place of question marks (????)how do I reference my column? Thanks a lot in advance.

John Minkjan said...


the %1 is a reference to the column. Have a look here . Your function would look something like:
EVALUATE('LAG(%1,1) OVER (PARTION BY %2 ORDER BY %1)',column1, column2)

Hope This Helps


Sean said...

Can you tell me how you calculated the 'Duration' column? i.e. the formula used. Thanks!

John Minkjan said...


The duration is the OBIEE datediff function.