Wednesday, August 31, 2011

OBIEE developing for the iPad

When developing OBIEE content for the iPad there some extra considerations:

  • Check if your licence covers the use of mobile devices!
  • Screen size: 1024 * 768 (Width * height) {Horizontal} when holding the iPad like this:image
  • Screen size: 768 * 1024 (width * height) {vertical} when holding the iPad like this:image
  • Although scrolling is a nice feature it kind of distracts from the message….
  • Graphs are rendered as static pic and have no drill functionally, add a (pivot) table for drilling.
  • background colour: most users prefer black or ‘broken’ white.
  • Don’t “crowd” the screen a maximum of 4 elements (tables / graph) seems to be a good rule of thumb.
  • A section size of 1010 * 650 seems to fit a horizontal screenimage
  • A section of 978 * 1165 seems to fit a vertical screenimage
  • Don’t set the background colour in the section, you will loose it a drill down.
  • Tell your user how to lock the orientation:image
  • scorecards are rendered as separate KPI’s and look completely different from a normal browser.

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