Thursday, August 11, 2011

OBIEE Catalog for large organisations part 2

In OBIEE Catalog for large organisations part 1 I showed you how to set up a catalog for large organisation following the OBIEE documentation. But still you might run into trouble.

Take a large energy firm which supplies there customers with some reporting on there energy consumption. They serve about 90.000 homes. Each home is an account, each account is based on the Dutch postal code system. >>zip_code+house_number<< (fi: 5721XW002).

The code is roughly divided into 4 part; The first 2 numbers are the post district area, the next 2 are the city area, the 2 letters are the street(side), the 3 number indicated the house number (optionally there might be a suffix)


If we only ‘hash’ the catalog by the first 2 characters you still run into trouble since there are roughly 20.000 houses in the 57xx postal code area.

A solution might be to change the 2 into a 5. This will ‘hash’ the first 5 characters. (yes, theoretically you might still run into trouble, but luckily not every possible postal code is issued and not every street has a 999 houses Knipogende emoticon )

Remember this setting has to be made BEFORE the first user log on to the catalog!

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Anonymous said...

Where is the Syntax to show how it is done? Why blog when there is still work to be done after reading the blog. More of a waste of time