Tuesday, September 13, 2011

OBIEE Hierarchy Navigation Functions {HNF} Part 5

In Part 1 we did ISPARENT, in part 2 ISANCHESTOR, in part 3 ISCHILD, in part 4 ISDESCENDANT.


From the documentation:

The ISLEAF function applies to both level-based and parent-child hierarchies. For both types of hierarchy, a leaf member is defined as a member that has no child members.

Presentation Layer Syntax


Example “Hardcoded”:

Case When ISLEAF("Sales Person"."H5 Sales Rep" ) Then 'YES' else 'NO' END

Business Model and Mapping Layer Syntax

ISLEAF(logical_dimension) Example “Hardcoded”:

Case When ISLEAF("13 - Hierarchy levels"."H5 Sales Rep" ) Then 'YES' else 'NO' END


Till Next Time

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