Monday, September 5, 2011

OBIEE Calendar Control


Question from the OTN Forum. (Works in 10 & 11g)

Select a YearMonth, YearWeek and Date from your Calendar dimension, select a measure from your facts.

Add a extra column called “Day Of the Week”

CAST(DAYOFWEEK("Time"."T00 Calendar Date") as varchar(2)) || ' - '||DAYNAME("Time"."T00 Calendar Date")

Alter your fact column to:

'<b>'||cast("Time"."T00 Calendar Date" as varchar(10))||'</b>'||'<br><P STYLE="text-align: right;">'||CAST("Base Facts"."1- Revenue" AS varchar(15))

It concats the date with the fact and adds some HTML Formatting

Alter the column properties [data format] to HTML:


Put it all in a pivot view:


Check the results:


Till Next Time

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Richard Chan said...

A great alternative view to presenting data to the user

Richard Chan